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 Pool Sessions

Welcome to the 2016-2017 WTC Pool Sessions


There will not be any pool session on Sunday, January 1st, 2017.

**The WTC Pool Sessions begin Sunday, November 6th and end April 30th**


The pool sessions run from 9:30 until 12:30 each Sunday. The YMCA opens at 8am on Sunday, and you may check-in and enter the pool deck at 9:15.


The check-in procedures remain unchanged from last year, as explained below. You are able to use the Purple Visitor's Pass from last year if you still have it.


The fees are unchanged this year, as explained below.



     November 6th, Recreational Rescue Training

     November 13th, Rolling sessions begin

     November 13th, Lifeguard training 10am

     December 25th, Christmas, YMCA Closed

     January 15th, Recreational Rescue Training

     February 19th, Recreational Rescue Training

     April 16th, Easter, YMCA Closed



Pool Session - January 2012



We look forward to continuing our upcoming pool sessions at the Western Family YMCA indoor pool.


Check in Policy


 The YMCA has a mandatory check in policy.  Everyone must check in at the YMCA front desk. The procedure is:

 Western YMCA members (reciprocal YMCA and West Chester YMCA): Just scan your membership card at the front desk and the come down to the pool WTC check in desk.  

 Non Western YMCA members:

WTC Regular pool session attendees:  The first visit of the year, come to the WTC pool desk. You will fill out a visitor form, (issued at WTC pool desk), and submit it to the front desk of the YMCA.  Photo ID required.  You will then be issued a visitor's pass which will be scanned for admission.  Subsequent visits to the pool will require you to go to the YMCA front desk first, scan your pass, and then come down to the WTC check in desk.

 WTC Visitors to pool session:  Visitors will come to the WTC pool desk and fill out a visitor form, (issued at WTC pool desk), and submit it to the front desk of the YMCA.  Photo ID required.  Then come back down to the WTC check in desk.

The Y is located at 2600 Kirkwood Highway, Newark, DE 19711 (see map below). 



Pool sessions this year are each Sunday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Please have all boats completely out of the pool area before 12:30pm.


Boats / Equipment

Please make sure your boat is clean / free of debris and airbags removed before putting it in the pool.  Helmets and PFD's must be worn when in the pool.  Some club boats and equipment will be available.  Please contact the pool session coordinators for availability.


Membership Requirements / Fees

**We ask that anyone who is not a WTC member and/or ACA member to please check-in before 10:30.


To support our club and reduce insurance paperwork, the Paddling Board encourages attendees to be members of both ACA and WTC. We can assist you in completing your applications for both the American Canoe Association (ACA) and the Wilmington Trail Club (WTC) when you check-in at the first pool sessions (see Membership Tips below). Non-members may attend two pool sessions without membership in these organizations but must pay associated fees -- on the third session, participants will be asked to join both organizations unless they are YMCA of Delaware members*.


*All pool session fees go toward YMCA guest fees and/or ACA event fees. YMCA offers a discount on guest fees to members of both WTC and ACA.


*YMCA members are not required to join either organization to participate in pool sessions, but must pay $5 per session for insurance fees if they choose not to join the ACA.

Membership Tip:

  •  If you are just interested in trying it out: the cost is $20/week, for up to 2 sessions (WTC requires membership after 2 trial events, though YMCA members are exempt from this requirement).
  • If you plan to attend pool sessions more than 2 times: it is best to join WTC immediately since you will be expected to join on your 3rd visit. If you join WTC for $18 a year and ACA for $30 a year (as a Paddle Club of America member) you will pay $48 initially and then $5 a week at the pool for non-YMCA members. If you delay, you will spend $20 a week for 2 weeks, and then still pay the $18 WTC fee on your 3rd visit.


Below is the fee overview and the weekly fees based on each membership scenario:

**Prices did not change for this year**




YMCA membership covers pool fees, ACA insurance fee is charged separately

YMCA also offers discounts to attendees with both WTC and ACA memberships


Per Session Fees


Based on  membership and affiliations

Non-YMCA / Non-WTC Member without ACA membership (full price with no discounts):


Non-YMCA / Non-WTC Member with ACA membership:


WTC Member discount pool fee; without ACA membership:


WTC Member discount pool fee; with ACA membership:


Full YMCA Members without ACA membership:


Full YMCA Members with ACA membership:














Please note:

  • The WTC club directory will be used to verify membership.  Please check the club directory to be sure your name is listed.  If you are a member and are not listed, please contact the pool coordinator prior to attending a session.
  • ACA member number must be provided at sign-in.
  • YMCA members will need to present their YMCA membership ID upon entering the YMCA.

Membership Links:







 Pool Session - July 2012