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9/10/2018 4:24 AM



Paddle Board Minutes

June 12, 2018


Board Members in Attendance:  Paul Nicholson, Glenn Petrucci, Tim Schafstall, Louise Young, Shannon Cope, Matt Himmelstein, Karen Himmelstein, Louise Young, Wes Young, Rick Cope, Aram Terzian

Nominated Board Member: Dawn Namulik

General membership in attendance: Bill Johnston, Lois Hillman, Jim Costello, Bob Strahorn


Review of April Board Minutes-  Paul Nicholson - Approved


Treasurer’s Report – Shannon Cope


Income and expenses

Reviewed projected income and expense for ww and rec training sessions comparing 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2018 income and expenses should balance.  Final results at completion of ww training.


Is there value in keeping rec. and ww funds separate?

Each program should in principal covers their own expenses. 

WW fees were increased this year.  We value clarity however the goals of training remain the same.

It was suggested we combine the funds but keep track of the expenses/income for each group.

WW boat expenditure will pay for itself in less than 5 years.

Motion:  Keep funds together in a single account but keep track of expenditures and income for ww and rec.  General board vote needed for any non-budgeted expense.    To be reviewed at Oct Board meeting each year.

Motion carried with one abstaining.   





Open Positions- Safety coordinator

Dawn  Namulik was confirmed as the new Safety coordinator for both WW and Rec.  Will have a breakout training session with Matt Himmelstein and others.

We welcome Dawn to the Board. 


Matt reported that the Skills report was submitted to ACA and we are fully up to date.


Rec. Training Recap - Wes Young


25 students- went well  for both May  20th and  May 26th .  Training had to be split because of high water levels on the Brandywine.  It was tough but the club managed it.  Had enough trainers and helpers.

Area 4 worked out well and has some advantages.  Boat demo on beach worked very well.  Because of schedule - 4 people were unable to do the moving water training.  A make-up schedule is scheduled for June 30th on Brandywine.  .

After the training week 7 new students came out to paddle.  12 boats were rented out. No trailer was used..


WW Training Recap - Tim Schafstall  – Predicted bad weather held off.  13 students present.  14 are signed up for weekend #2.  Two people had to abandon the training due to old aggravated injuries.  Weather cooperated.  A mature group. All enthusiastic well behaved and willing to learn.


Equipment Review – Matt and Karen Himmelstein

Equipment is with returning students.  All other club boats were rented except one. 

Shed is working out well.  No electric!  Many thanks to Rick Cope for transport of boats to/from shed.

Several NRS air bag have ruptures in hose.  Matt will review when training is over and will try to get something back based on warrantee. 

Fusia Burn has repair issues (rachet is not working) Needs replacement part approx. $65.00

Need: $150.00 for all repairs maintenance.

Motion to fund repairs once training is over was carried.  (unanimous)


Rec Paddle trips- Glenn Petrucci

Ample water, had to cancel some trips due to rain and thunder showers, a full program is in place.


WW Paddle Trips – Sharron Laas

Memorial Day, 7 Club trips over two weekends.  Beginner trips and advanced trips.

3 Brandywines, Octorara, Lehigh and others


New Paddler Liasons-  Louise Young and Rick Cope are in contact.  We will mentor new paddlers for two years.

               Rec- new paddlers are joining in on trips

Rescue session is planned for Turners Creek.


Intermediate WW training- Lois

Second level of training for paddlers wishing to bring their skills to the next level.  Initiatives.  8 classes scheduled on Face Book.  Safety.  WTC and ACA waivers.  Trips are also posted on Paddle America PAC( Paddle America Calendar).   The group will recruit new paddlers.  Watch the forum.

By 2nd weekend August:  One river trip and two skills trips are planned.

Specific guidelines have been established for trainees’ skill levels.  Will charge a nominal amount for individual training sessions. 

$10.00 Fee per class.  8 classes are planned.  Stand alone.  Coaching. Boat rental charge in place.

ACA insurance Charge.  Keep track of what the intermediate training fee generation for future training opportunities for instructors.

Objective is a self-supporting program. The Board thanked Lois and the training group for this new well-planned program for intermediate training.


Policies and Procedures- Postponed to next meeting. 


Training Website:  Bill Johnson

Working on payment options within training site.

Paddle Order will be started next week.  Orders will be accepted from individuals with any involvement in training (students, instructors, and helpers).  We are a school!

WTC Website -  site still has issues but test site is up:  Wilmington Trail



Pool Session Coordinator is Needed.  Searching for volunteers      

Sessions will stretch from November – April.  Rec needs two weekends (MLK weekend; Presidents Weekend)


2019- Open House Date – Earlier date only caused confusion and did not result newcomers attending rolling practice.  We decided to ask for April 12th with April 5th as second choice for 2019. 

Safety Session- Date works well.  Bob will try to book the pool on the Tuesday before Mother’s Day.


Publicity- Kate Butoryak via Tim requested we get dates locked in sooner so we can advertise ahead for 2019 Training Season.


Proposed 2019 Training Dates:

12th or 5th of April for Open House (April 12th is 1st choice)

May 7 for Safety Session

May 18th and 19th is Rec Training


New Business:

Wes suggested WW students should not use Rec Training for first training session.  All agreed.


Future Paddle Board Meetings are:

August 14, October 9, December 11, February 12, April 9, June 11


Board Meeting was adjourned 10 minutes prior to Library closing!






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