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The Wilmington Trail Club's Section of the Appalachian Trail has a shelter.Minimize


Bill Tinney, Mike Kintner and Henry Chisholm at rest.

The 'New' Kirk Ridge Shelter

On Sunday, April 2, 2006, the construction phase of our new shelter was completed. The planning stage began in April, 2005, and the actual construction took place over the weekends of March 18, 19; March 25, 26; and April 1,2.

The construction was under the direction of Ed Twaddell, Ben Woodland, and Tom Wheatley. Many thanks to Tom for arranging to bring in his two co-workers from Gunton Corp. to construct the shelter. Ed, Ben and Tom provided tools, generator and compressor. We can't thank Gunton Corp. and Ms. Gail Davis enough for their kindness and willingness to help erect our shelter. 

We were very fortunate in having these volunteers join us on two Saturdays: Henry Chisholm, who coordinated the car pools and the good lunches; Bill Linn; Debra Palermo; Tom Bergan; Jerry Rensch; and Mark O'Neal. Jim March joined us on two Sundays. Joan Burke, Tom Burke, and Jim Davis joined us for one day. These hard working WTC members were instrumental in making this project a success.

Financially, we want to thank Ms. Karen Lutz, Regional Director of ATC Mid-Atlantic for ensuring that we received our grant; to the WTC Council for allocating funds; and to the many WTC Members who graciously made donations. Thank you to everyone who helped finance the shelter construction. 

The 'New' Kirk Ridge Shelter is the most beautiful shelter on the entire Appalachian Trail. If you're ever in the vicinity of Delaware Water Gap, please stop by and visit.

Finally, to my Co-ATC Supervisor, Bill Tinney. Bill has been there with me from the beginning. Without his planning, hard work, and dedication this entire project would not have happened. He is not only a valuable member of the WTC, but also a good friend who tries to keep me on the straight and narrow.

With warmest regards to all WTC Members, and, with a BIG “Thank You”


Mike Kintner,
Appalachian Trail Supervisor for the WTC